SK Whatsapp New V19.41.1 Apk Download (2022)

Although there are a few previous variations of SK Whatsapp, we suggest downloading the latest model because preceding variations can also additionally motive issues together with your Android gadgets. It’s easy to exchange your DP and join numerous organizations. This app, like others, runs on a cellular platform and wishes a cellular phone and a connection to the net to feature. In evaluating SK Whatsapp Apk, a web carrier requiring a web connection, Android apps can use the handiest feature offline, with no network connections. The latest model of this Apk is recommended because it can warfare with older iterations at the Android customers.

What is SK Whatsapp 2022 apk?

The more suitable version of each different WhatsApp app is the SK whatsapp V20 apk app. However, evaluating other apps will offer customers a wide variety of services. Furthermore, this app gives extra blessings than another. You can set it up for your Android gadgets with no hesitation because it’s also remarkably stable and safe. Download this app to access the whole lot, present-day and cutting-edge.

Overview  of SK Whatsapp APK Mod 
App Name SK WhatsApp apk
Version  V 19.41.1
Size 54 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Requirement Android 4.5 or Above
Rating Value 4.8
Rating Count 5500
Price Free
Last Update 3 Days Ago


Features of SK Whatsapp APK 

Features of this WhatsApp Apk is given bellow

Lack of Disturbance (DND)

With new privacy options, SK WhatsApp update download APK is incredible. These features are not available in the official WA. We can turn DND mode on so that we don’t get unwanted notifications. We can enable anti revoke option to know what message is deleted by the other person. This is a very useful feature of WhatsApp Plus APK. There is a lot of hiding feature are available like hiding status view, hide recording status, hide online status which is just awesome.


You could name your buddy if you cannot type a message. When you’re wiped out and lack the power to order, you could nonetheless speak with your buddy about the usage of this tool. Also, You can name your buddies on video. With the resource of this tool, you can constantly inform your buddies about unique occasions. You could make a set name and communicate with more than one buddy right now if they get brought to a set and need to speak with multiple of them. Using this option, you can shop time by sharing your objects with a buddy.

Completely unfastened

It is unfastened to use. Without investing any money, you could download and use this program. These days, maintaining contact with your pals does not price any cash.

Customizable Features

SK WhatsApp supports tons of customizable features that help us to use WA with our style and without restrictions. These features are not available on the official app, sadly. We can customize privacy options, chat screen options, and widget options, and can easily customize pop-ups and notifications in SK WhatsApp APK.

Transferring content

This app lets you send your contacts photos, videos, and files. This app enables us to rate our glad reviews with others; that is indeed awesome. Additionally, you have got the choice to mark a message as handy by giving it a star. In different words, if you want a message and want to shop it to study later, a celeb signal may be on that message to remind you.


You can take away the messages you have dispatched to human beings using this app at a particular time. This method that in case you by chance posted a message to a person else, you could take it back. As a result, the recipient might not see the verbal exchange. You can view the specifics of a message by clicking on a message.

Also, you can use this capability to analyze while the message becomes brought to the recipient and after they study it. You can use this selection to forestall receiving indicators from a sure chat or organization if the notifications from that verbal exchange are dull to you.

What’s New In SK Whatsapp update 2022?
  • can add more participants in the group
  • option setting changed
  • changelog design changed
  • notification bar icons updated
  • new emojis, stickers, and gifs included
Pros and Cons of SK Whatsapp latest version?

Pros and cons of this Whatsapp are given below


  • It gives us the option to alter the user interface’s icons, text fonts, and colors, and even install user-created themes.
  • That is a significant distinction from the official WhatsApp Messenger, which is far more rigid in this area.


  • This WhatsApp is unofficial so your account may be banned at any time.
  • Chats and media files in this WhatsApp are not end-to-end encrypted.
  • This WhatsApp includes an inappropriate fake chat option that can be misused.
How Can You Download and Install SK Whatsapp latest version 2022 for android?

How to download and install sk whatsapp

When you click on the provided download button, the download will start after a little delay.

  • The direction could be prompted when the document is saved. Now is the time to adequately protect the apk document’s URL. The downloading process can be over quickly.
  • On your Android device, go to settings and enable untrusted sources.
  • Go to the download location for the apk file. Click the setup option once you’ve chosen the apk.
  • The entire setup will require some time. Now, immediately download this apk program.
  • Use the app now that the installation is finished.
Can we email huge files using this app for Android?
The program will allow users to share essentially larger files.
Can this app harm our device in any way?
No harm will result from it. It is the most secure WhatsApp app for Android smartphones.
How does this app work?
In the application, there is nothing to be concerned about. This program has got made for everyone. Thus, it has been created so that anyone can find it valuable and straightforward. It is available to install, and once you begin using it, you will quickly recognize this program.

The best mod in the WhatsApp mods available so far with many distinguishing features. It is an online service that does not require any internet connection to function. So, you can stay connected easily with your contacts even if you don’t have an internet connection. This feature is specifically useful in areas where internet facility is not available, or internet connection is not strictly strong. Because of this astonishing feature, SK WhatsApp is going to become the most popular mod among other mods of the official WhatsApp.

Ever thought of traveling to remote areas with limited facilities, where internet connection is too weak and you feel difficulty in connecting with your family or friends, SK WhatsApp is for you. It can help you in these situations even without an internet connection.


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